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April, 2019. As third year exhibitors, TABSA has begun to establish themselves as  consistent competitors within the United States' Propane tank manufacturing industry, always providing quality and innovative products. We are proud to be the only Mexican manufacturer to provide a full service solution to a LPG distributor's storage and distribution needs. With over 25 years of experience in propane tank manufacturing and distribution we are confident that we are able to provide the infrastructure to make your company succeed and take it to the next level.


It is always a pleasure to be a part of the NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo. Thank you to all the attendees and fellow industry professionals who we had the pleasure of meeting. See you next year at NPGA Nashville 2020.

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The 2018 NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo 

April, 2018. The NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo was a great success! We are proud to have exhibited and debuted our MC-331 Transport Trailer and Propane Bobtail at this year's expo. Congratulations to all our fellow exhibitors, it truly was an incredible experience. It is always a pleasure to connect and to continue to grow our relationship with fellow industry professionals. 

For decades now, TABSA has been the fabricator of choice for Grupo Zeta Gas, one of the world's leading propane distributors, we have acquired the necessary expertise to excel in the propane delivery service industry. Expertise that goes into every one of our products, resulting in a cutting edge and reliable asset that optimizes your distribution. 

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TABSA visits fabtech 2017 

November, 2017. It was a great pleasure to visit FABTECH 2017 in Chicago. Here at T.A.B.S.A. we are always looking to learn, advance and develop our processes to produce the most successful and innovative products of today. Thank you FABTECH for hosting a great show and for bringing together the best venders in the metal working industry. We will see you all again at FABTECH Mexico!


April, 2017. The NPGA Expo was a great success! It was a pleasure to be a part of such an established convention that encompasses a wide range of LPG industry disciplines. 

Proud of our new ventures. After 70 years of providing LPG storage solutions to a diverse number of countries in Latin America, Grupo Zeta Gas is proud to finally offer its wide range products to U.S. markets.

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